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Bergamo, Italy to Innsbruck, Austria Alps Hiking Trip
August 4 - August 17, 2019

We took a hiking trip with Wilderness Travel across 4
countries, starting in Italy, then Switzerland,
then Liechstenstein, then Austria.

Page One: Bergamo, Capo di Ponte,
and Bormio, Italy

Bergamo plaza
Bergamo, Italy in the foothills of the Alps, in the upper city.
Bergamo is composed of an old walled core, known as Città Alta
("Upper Town"), nestled within a system of hills constituting a
regional park, and the modern expansion in the plains below.
The upper town is encircled by massive Venetian defensive
systems (built by the Republic of Venice in the 16th and 17th
centuries, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.)

The Piazza Vecchia, the main square in the Upper Town.

Child from Bergamo playing in the main square
of the Upper Town.

Colleoni Chapel behind an archway leading from Piazza
Vecchia. Dedicated to saints Bartholomew, Mark, and John
the Baptist, it was built between 1472 and 1476 as the personal
shrine for Bartolomeo Colleoni, a member of one of the
most well known families of the city, and his daughter Medea.

St Mary
Basilica of St. Mary Major, next to Colleoni Chapel.
Originally constructed in the early 12th century,
it was not completed until the 14th century
due to financial problems.

Jeff standing near the Bergamo City Gate, Porta San Giacomo.
This white rosewood marble gatehouse was constructed in the
16th century and stood as part of the city's defensive walls.

Pat in front of the same thing.

Rocca Museum
Entering Rocca Museum. Situated to the north of the main
segment of the Venetian walls, the Museum is housed
within one of the old defensive bastions, with a round tower
and immense stone walls. Within the walls is a museum
dedicated to the formation of the Kingdom of Italy and
Italy's struggle for independence. From the top of the
battlements you can see for miles and look down on the
modern center of Bergamo.

Bergamo panorama
Here's a view of the Piazza Vecchia and part of the Upper Town,
with the modern part of the city beyond, and some of the
surrounding hills and mountains.

City view
A view of the Medieval Upper Town and
the plains beyond.

A Bergamo citizen

From Bergamo, we headed to the town of
Capo di Ponte, where we saw a large collection
of prehistoric stone carvings dating back
8,000 years. A donkey was grazing at the
entrance to this World Heritage site.

rock art
The rock art depicts more than 140,000 symbols
and figures connected with agriculture, hunting,
navigation, war, and magic.

rock art

Capo di Ponte
View of Capo Di Ponte from the archeological site.

From Capo di Ponte, we headed to Bormio, Italy,
known for its natural hot springs, and stayed at
Hotel Bagni Vecchi, perched on a mountainside
overlooking the Valtellina Valley and Bormio.
We enjoyed the hotel's outdoor spa with
panoramic views. Here is a view from our room.

The next morning we hiked from the hotel on
a trail that leads down into Bormio.
Here is an early view on the hike.
In ancient times, Roman aristocracy
came here to enjoy the thermal waters.

Another view along the trail.



Looking down on the medieval
town center of Bormio.

Having a snack in the medieval town center.
Dorothy, on the left, is also from Denver.
She and Jeff discovered they had
mutual friends from their work days.
James, from Australia, assistant guide,
in the middle.

Child in Bormio

View of some of the mountains above Bormio.

We took a ski resort cable car from Bormio to
hike up and down ridges above the town.
Here is one of our views.

ski restaurant manager
We had lunch at the top. This woman was
manager of the restaurant.

Her dog resting under a table.

A view from the patio of the ski restaurant.

group photo
Group photo minus Jeff who took the picture.
In front, Pat, Tom Smart from Utah, Tom Flanagan (from
Florida), the manager, Nancy Flanagan (Florida).
Back: Angela Smart Dumke & Zeke Dumke (Utah), Heidi
Smart (Utah), Gianluca Canalicchio (Italy, our main guide),
CJ Long (Washington), Carl Schuler (Washington), Dorothy
Dejmal (Colorado), James Ross (Australia, assistant guide)

Pat and Jeff
Pat and Jeff on patio overlooking Bormio below.

Hiking along the ridge.

Bormio hiking
Ski resort restaurant where we ate lunch
on the right side of the photo.

Bormio below

Hotel in Bormio
Hotel Bagni Vecchi, where we stayed 2 nights.
The outdoor spa pool can be seen.

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