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April 20, 2013

On Saturday, April 20, I had an owl in my backyard all day. Most of the time, it was in an
aspen tree. Whenever I went outside to look at it and take photos, it followed me with his
eyes, turning his head when necessary. It never flew away, which is extremely unusual
behavior for any owl. They usually take off as soon as they hear or see you. In the evening,
it was sitting on a decorative rock on the ground in front of my spruce tree. Around 8 pm
Saturday night he flew away. Some people have told me that they think that was my
brother Sam giving me a message that he is okay and checking to be sure I was also.
It is a nice thought.

Below are various photos of the owl, that I nicknamed Sam, taken at various
times throughout the day.

Sam the owl





Sam, the owl, looking into my patio window after flying from the aspen tree. He banged into the window
and seemed stunned for a while, but then flew back to the aspen tree and stayed there.

Owls do sleep. Note how his ears flopped when he fell asleep.

Waking up again

owl in backyard
Sitting in mulch next to grass in my backyard

owl closeup

owl in mulch

owl on rock
Sam, the owl, in front of the tree

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