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Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Carlsbad Caverns & Capitan, NM - November 2002

Part One of Two

Postcard view of Guadalupe Mountains National Park
Postcard view of El Capitan on the left and Guadalupe Peak on the right - Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas

El Capitan at sunrise
El Capitan Mountain at sunrise

On the trail to Guadalupe Peak
On our way to the top of Guadalupe Peak

El Capitan from Guadalupe Peak
El Capitan from Guadalupe Peak

Pat on top of Texas
Pat on top of Texas - Guadalupe Peak, tallest mountain in Texas at 8749 feet elevation
A 3000' elevation gain from the trailhead but the elevation of a typical foothill in the Denver area

Inside Carlsbad Caverns
Inside Carlsbad Caverns, near Carlsbad, New Mexico
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