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June 2-6, 2008

Shortly after sunrise
Shortly after sunrise - starting down the Bright Angel trail on Wednesday, June 4

View of a California Condor that was relaxing on a cliff quite a distance from the trail

From Plateau Point
Colorado River from Plateau Point - You can see the Bright Angel trail that continues from Indian Garden
down to the River and the Bright Angel Campground. I returned to the South Rim from Plateau Point,
a round trip hike of over 12 miles and about 3200 ft descent and ascent.

Sunrise from S Kaibab
Shortly after sunrise on Thursday, June 5 starting down the South Kaibab Trail

Hiker ahead of me
Another hiker heading down the South Kaibab Trail

Cloudy view
The remnants of storm clouds from the night before when there was a major thunderstorm

North Rim
North Rim of the Grand Canyon across the way

S Kaibab trail
Heading down the South Kaibab trail
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