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Longs Peak - Page One of Two - August 6, 2005

  Mt. McHenry
McHenry Peak at sunrise viewed from the Ledges section of the Keyhole Route to Longs Peak.
We started the 7.5 mile one way, 4800 foot elevation gain (plus an additional 200 hundred feet), Class 3 hike
at 12:35 am Saturday morning from the Longs Peak Ranger Station. 9 other hikers had signed in ahead of us.
Many more followed & we could see the headlamps of hikers both in front of us and behind us.
After about an hour, we started seeing the lights of metro Denver.

View from the summit of Longs Peak, 14,259 feet high

Sandbeach Lake
Looking down at Sandbeach Lake in the Wild Basin Area

Looking toward Ypsilon
Looking toward Ypsilon & Chapin Mountains

Pikes Peak
Pikes Peak in the haze in the distance

Pat on the football field sized top of Longs Peak - Note the guy in the background looking like he's about
to fly and the guys zonked out on the rocks nearby.

Estes Park view
Estes Park and Estes Lake in the background on the right

Chasm Lake
Chasm Lake & Peacock Pool below the sheer east face of Longs Peak (called the Diamond)
You can see the trail heading into to Chasm Lake.
We veered left toward the Boulder Field at the junction to Chasm Lake.

Jeff & Pat
Jeff & Pat on the Longs Peak summit
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